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Protecting People and Assets
July 21st, 2024

Proteus from EEC

Get more than just a picture

Proteus is a multi-platform forecasting application, designed for detailed integration and analysis of meteorological satellite imagery and data.

Greater accuracy in forecasting

The Proteus image-processing suite offers meteorologists, oceanographers, environmental agencies, and other research organizations the ability to perform detailed analysis of imagery and data from weather satellite systems.

Proteus is able to export all available temperature values for a particular location into a spreadsheet for the evaluation of long-range trends, and allows for cross-analysis of radar, model forecast, and synoptic weather observation data to develop a complete and more accurate forecast.

The capability to integrate satellite images with comprehensive, real-time land, sea, and atmospheric data, makes Proteus a superior forecasting solution.


  • Multiple image display
  • Image zooming and zoombox panning
  • GRIB overlays
  • Coast outline overlays
  • Topography and river overlays
  • Animation loops (auto updatable)
  • Range/bearing and speed calculations
  • Multiple map projections
  • Application or user defined color tables
  • Histogram, Scatter & Transect plots
  • Histogram equalization
  • Brightness and contrast image enhancements
  • Integration with dissemination operations


General meteorological processing applications include:

  • Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Analysis of satellite data
  • Generation of animation loops
  • Creation of output products for forecasting, distribution & media release
  • Still pictures and animation sequences
  • Facilities for analyzing satellite and forecast model data for weather forecasting