February 16th, 2019
Protecting People and Assets

Stealth® Radome

The Best Radome for the Best Radar

Everything we do at EEC is engineered to maximize radar performance for our customers. That's why we're proud to be the exclusive provider of the new STEALTH® radome developed by our friends at Antennas for Communications (AFC).

The STEALTH® radome offers unprecedented characteristics ideal for dual-polarity weather radar applications

In fact, this new radome technology is up to 50-times better than other common radome designs.

In dual-polarity radar technology, an electromagnetic wave with both vertical and horizontal polarizations is transmitted. Depending on the differential nature of the received echoes, critical weather parameters such as rain intensity and properties of the raindrop are determined.

Since parameters such as differential reflectivity and phase are relatively small and subject to noise effects, any errors caused by interference of the radome can have significant impact on the accuracy of weather measurements.

The EEC STEALTH® weather radome exhibits nearly identical performance for both polarizations offering truly stealth-like behavior for dual-polarization measurements. With its unique innovative geometry and novel scattering compensation technique, the STEALTH® radome is the next generation transparent radome for weather radar applications.

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EEC STEALTH® Radome Advantages

  • Insensitivity to the polarization of the electromagnetic wave
  • Ultra-low differential loss and phase shift between vertical and horizontal polarizations
  • Minimum radome transmission loss
  • Proprietary impedance matching in the framework for minimal scattering loss
  • Minimal effects on radiation pattern degradation
  • Twenty years of proven dielectric space frame technology
  • Radome panel and frame design is one molded piece
  • Radome structure is self-supporting, no air pressure necessary
  • Optional full hydrophobic coating
  • Weatherproof and fungus resistant
  • Durable STEALTH® design easily achieves the 20-year lifetime criterion
  • Designed specifically for EEC dual-polarity radar systems
  • Eliminates the possibility of radome errors from differential weather radar measurements
  • Offers negligible differential (VP-HP) transmission loss and differential phase distortion
  • Proven 50-times better than the orange peel radome
  • Proven 6-times better than the quasi-random radome